Tubidy Mobile App Review

Tubidy mp3 App is one of the important applications for searching and downloading the mp3 and videos from the internet. This app helps you to find your favorite songs and videos and let you download those songs. Basically this site finds the URL links for your favorite mp3 songs and videos and you can listen and download them.

This app works as a search engine which search in the internet for your preferred music files. When you search through this app, this app search in the internet and shows you the source of Mp3 files and gives you link to download the mp3. It does not host any music files. What is does is that it helps you by providing the link for downloading the music files from another host service which allows you to download the music file.

Tubidy Mp3 is one of the most loved applications when it comes to downloading the music files from your device.  It helps you to download millions of music file from the servers like YouTube and Sound Cloud.  As we all know YouTube hosts thousands of music, videos, movies and various informational and entertaining videos and Sound Cloud is one of the best app through which the music lovers share different music and with the help of Tubidy you can have access in both site.

You can listen and download music and videos through Tubidy. And also this app has very easy interface. You can easily search and download the music files from the internet. Though this app is mainly designed for listening the music it has added the features of download the videos files too. This app allows you to create a favorite list as well. With this feature you can create your own playlist and listen your favorite tracks. As your playlists are stored in the internet, you can hear those MP3 playlists from any device at any time by logging into your user profile. The management of your playlists is very easy. You can also share your playlists with your friends.

Tubidy have some bad reviews from the user as well. And many of the users have stated one common problem in this app and that is this app displays many unwanted ads on it while using it online. People experience various disturbing ads in the app which sometimes lead you to different link while you wanted to go to other link. Another drawbacks of this app is that, as the server does not store any music and videos files and helps you to download through other source, sometimes you can’t find the original music tracks instead you will be given link to download the cover songs or any fake songs with the same name.

This app is mainly designed for apple phones. To download this app for android mobile you have to go through other sites as it does not meets the rules and regulations from play store and hence you cannot download this app from Google Play store.

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