Why shoes are important part of our health?

It might be hard to believe but it is an inevitable fact that wearing wrong shoes might actually pose serious health issues. Researchers all over the world are constantly working on this facts and creating more and more awareness so that people pays equal attention to it. Practically no one of us have ever thought about our health while sitting inside a store looking for shoes. But from now on, it is time to change our own and try to opt for perfect shoes avoid any kinds of health hazards. The Shoes Review Hub has put together a great piece on importance of shoes which you should go through.

Our ancestors used to travel the whole world barefoot and as since the time has changed a lot we cannot even walk few steps wearing a shoe. For this very reason, our body has adapted itself according to it. Now if you try to walk bare oot or even use poorly chosen footwear, it can cause serious health issues. Mentioned below are few such issues or challenges which you can face if you are not wearing proper shoes.

Permanent Disorders

# Flat Feet

It is a common problem faced by many where they all experience to have flat feet. It is also known as collapsed arches. A wrong pair of shoes can result in experiencing such disorders. This is a situation when each and every portion of your feet are pressed equally on the ground when you walk that means no arches are formed while you walk. This is considered as s serious issue on medical grounds. In fact, several jobs like defense forces or law require no flat feet. To avoid such kind of disorders you need to wear proper shoes.

# Back Pain

Yet again a serious issue in term of health which is caused by wearing improper shoes. If you are constantly wearing too tight or too loosely held shoes, then it is possible that you will experience back pain. As per researchers, “Lumbar Spinal Muscle Action” which is responsible for holding your back muscles gets affected by the use of such shoes. A lot of people around the world are suffering from back pain. Constant visits to physicians even taking medicines are not helping them. So if you want to avoid such, take best measures.

# Joint Pain

This one here is another major health hazard which you can experience if you are in constant use of wrong footwear. If you are in your twenties or even thirties you can bear such pain. However, joint pains can seriously make you suffer a lot when you cross your fifties. The people who are habituated to wear high heel shoes are prone to such health issues. The knees absorb the shocks which we get while walking and if you are wearing high heels, your knee is absorbing more shocks than an average person.


Especially if you are one of those who’s job require them to stand through the day, it’s very important to have the right walking shoes for men or women in order to save yourself from any disease,

There are lots more other health issues related to wearing improper shoes which one should know before buying a nice looking shoe. Doctors have even suggested that people can experience breathing problems, vocal cord issues, and swelling. Nail problems or experiencing allergies are some temporary issues which is even possible if you are not wearing a proper shoe.

This was all about how shoes are very important part of our health. So from next time onwards, whenever you go out to buy a nice pair of shoe for yourself try to keep all these in mind a get an exact pair of shoes which is best suited for yourself.

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