How to Get your child Friendly With Dodging Spellings  

It may seem very easy to spell the words for 5th-grade kids but it is similarly arduous to teach them how to spell the same on their own. Many parents and teachers use to adopt various methods of teaching spellings to the kids. How to teach your child spelling words is a question of great significance as it is one of the most basic foundations of the studies which is going to help them learn, grasp and apply in their upcoming higher education. However, there are plenty of effective methods through which kids can learn spelling words for 3rd grade and reach the stage of effective learning by opting one or more of such methods.

Methods to Teach Spelling

Most of teachers and parents as well, use to take resort of one or couple of teaching methods for their kids, in a way to make them learned how to spell. They use to go with such methods, with which their students or kids find themselves more comfortable and enjoy their entire learning. Besides this primary consideration, they also, further, look for the other aspects involved in learning as well, such as examining the learning skill of kids and adopting considerable teaching method as per the interest of child, etc. thus, knowing the exact method of How to teach your child spelling words similar to that of their school methods is essential, in a way to make them well practiced at their homes, similarly and properly. Some of the foremost and most frequently opted methods can be enumerated as:

  •    Three column method: this is one the most effective, easy and frequently used sort of method for teaching spellings to the kids. It is also known as trace-copy-recall methods as well. It takes three columns to be drawn over the page and classified properly under the head of the trace for the very first column, copies for the second one, and recall for the last one. All is to do now, is to write a word under the trace section and let the child trace it on their own or after their tutor. Secondly, after successful completion of such tracking, they may ask to copy the traced word in the next column and then hide all of the previous two columns and ask them to write it again by recalling it, on their own, in the last recall section.
  •    Stair step method: it involves a procedure of writing any word in the form of the stair, which means, take a first of letter of the word and write it down, individually in one line. Then move the next line, just below to the above-written letter and again write the same letter below to it followed by a next letter of the word. Keep doing this repeatedly until the spelling gets completed. This method is very effective in teaching the students compilation of any spelling on the basis of the sound of letters and entire pronunciation of the word.

There is various another way as well of teaching spelling methods to children, such as puzzle games, scramble, word race, flash card etc. one can choose one or two methods among these, as per the convenience, comfort and interest level of their students.

High School Diploma Lesson plans templates you must follow

Lesson plans plays a vital role in easing the job of the teacher and furthermore it helps to conduct the class smoothly and in an efficient manner. A good lesson plan helps teachers to experiment with different ideas and set goal for achievements for the students. A good lesson plan templates helps teacher to stay organized and ensure student success.

There are various High School Diploma Template available for teachers. They offer different features and assists for teaching. Some of the best lesson plans templates that a teacher must follow are:


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Literacy Design Collaborative

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