4 Google Play Store alternatives

Google Play Store is one of the finest choices when it comes to downloading the mobile apps for your Android devices. Earlier it was the only option before the users but today there are many other alternates that the users can try.

These alternatives are not only better in every respect but there are certain other features which make them stand apart from the crowd. Google play Store is not anymore the first option as the users now have several other mobile app stores that bring before them a huge collection of the free as well as paid apps.

If you too want some options and are seeking information regarding the same, you have come to the right place.

Here are some of the best Google play Store alternatives that you can try.

Amazon App Store – One of the very popular alternatives that will come before you is the Amazon App Store. There are lots of applications available here and all of them are categorized so that it becomes easy to locate the apps and download them.

The best part is that it has no interface but just an apk file which needs to be installed to access the application store. An amazing offer is that you can grab any paid app for free on any specific day so why not grab it as the offer is for the limited time period.

Aptoide – The next option which you can try is the Aptoide. Though it is almost similar to the Google Play Store but one of the highlighting features is the option to create your own store. This means that you can set up a personalized store wherein you can manage your liking stuff. You can even share it with other people and access their store as well.

This is a new feature which the users will be able to enjoy. Also, it is known to have the largest array of mobile applications. Go ahead and have aptoide free download 

Opera Mobile Store – You might be familiar with the Opera browser and some might be using it as well. Opera too has its own marketplace where you can find a number of apps. Due to the easy accessibility, this app store attracts a lot of user’s thus driving heavy traffic towards it. The number of apps available here is innumerable so you can easily find the one you is looking for. So try opera mobile store if you want to enjoy a different experience.

AppBrain – This is yet another superb choice. Though the apps available at this store are paid but these are made free for the users but only for some time. So you can keep a check on it and download the favorite apps as soon as they become free. Apart from the store, you also have the website where you will find a variety of apps you are longing for.

So apart from the Google play Store, you have other mobile app stores as well which are worth trying.

You can try any of them and share your experience and feedback.

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